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At EmpowerLabs, our #1 goal is to support and provide your company with the methods and tools to meet its vision, mission and goals, and take them to the next level.

The art and science of empowering organizations to deliver extraordinary business results

Empowernomics involves a business transformation process to enable organizations to be more intelligent, profitable, productive, and innovative.
Our passion is to empower leaders and teams to deliver extraordinary results.

The Leading Edge in Business Transformation

Companies experiencing waste, low productivity, poor quality, low employee engagement, or turnover are showing tell-tale signs of hidden dysfunctions.
We developed the Empowernomics solution to address these issues in a powerful way.
Our approach is designed to get your people started on the path towards solving problems and achieving extraordinary results in record time.

Being Extraordinary Matters

Organizations are finding they must learn, transform, and evolve in a predictable and sustainable way as businesses encounter a more complex, more global, more multicultural, and more competitive environment.
Failing to do so is keeping organizations from staying ahead of the game. In order to succeed, organizations need to be extraordinary. That is why they need newer transformation methodologies that can awaken and unleash their full potential.


20 Years of Development…

Over the last 20 years, Victor Heredia and his team has developed a methodology that we now call Empowernomics: a holistic, socio-economic, highly collaborative and digital approach to organizational transformation.
Empowernomics facilitates an organization’s transformation with a leading-edge framework that enables teams and individuals to think, focus and collaborate to achieve long-term desired results faster while responding to the demands of this competitive environment.

Our Solution

Our company specializes in identifying dysfunctions that cripple performance by uncovering hidden costs and untapping teams potential that can save companies an amount equal to 40% to 200% of their annual payroll expenses. We do this through Empowernomics.
Once implemented, this framework can be replicated to allow small, medium, and major improvements in day-to-day performance for every member of the organization.
Said simply, “we help organizations empower leaders and teams to deliver extraordinary results”.

The Empowernomics Approach

How it works:

First, we use the Empowernomics Diagnostic (collaborative-economic assessments) to reveal the qualitative and quantitative hidden costs and untapped potential of the organization.
Next, we identify the critical business challenges and develop a High Impact Strategy.
Next, we begin to empower leaders to transform them into extraordinary performers.

Next we begin to implement the High Impact Strategy by addressing each critical business challenge, with one team at a time using our proprietary methodology EmpowerTeams.

Lastly, we help to sustain transformation by improving the existing business system in the organization and utilizing advanced methods and tools.

Empowernomics Value Proposition

The Empowernomics business transformation process will facilitate:

1. Quantitative (economic) and qualitative (organization development) business transformation.
Organizations will reduce hidden costs, increase productivity and profits as organization’s IQ is raised.
2. Intelligent Organization Design
Implementing an Intelligent Organization Model, according to your organization’s nature and goals, will leverage the capacity of your business to address growing complexity of business.
3. Collaborative technology implementation
Customize collaborative workspaces that will dramatically improve communication, coordination, knowledge management and learning powered by Genniux, our collaborative Strategy Management System.
4. Organization alignment to dream and strategy
Teams and collaborators will be able to implement projects in minimum time (40 days) and will naturally align their efforts and daily activities to the business strategy. This alignment is facilitated with the help of Empowernomics Strategy Dashboards.
Empowernomics has a major quantitative and qualitative impact on companies and can generate any of the following ROI results:

Qualitative Results:

  • Documentation, coordination, innovation, learning and knowledge management is maximized with a powerful collective intelligence approach to be implemented with leading-edge tools.
  • Teams learn to function interdependently to facilitate collaboration, while increasing performance, response time and responding to the human needs behind all of these processes.

Quantitative Results:

  • 300-500% ROI on intervention costs for a specific critical challenge.
  • 40-200% ROI of annual payroll costs by converting hidden costs and untapped potential into profits.

Empowernomics Delivers

Increased Productivity:

  • Amazing, yet sustainable, growth through a networked organization design.
  • More profits as less time is spent on waste.
  • More overall revenue, as new opportunities emerge through innovation and ability to quickly meet demand.
  • Share ownership for decision-making and results to reduce risk and align activities to strategic goals.
  • More resilience.
  • Eliminate hidden costs and initiate continuous improvement.
  • Gain the ability to make smart change in direction based on feeback loops from the market.
  • Human capital becomes a company asset, reducing the cost of turnover and accelerating innovation.

Competitive Edge

We offer a one-stop holistic solution for our customers:
  • A socio-economic assessment.
  • A combined human-technological approach.
  • Proven ROI.
  • Excellent IT toolbox.
  • Appealing methodologies that speed up technology adoption.

Unique Benefits

  • Human nature and the individual are considered throughout the entire process.
  • Technology is designed and implemented with a hands-on approach by the users.
  • Specific purpose applications are designed for the company and by the company.
  • Issues in performance support, learning, communication, coordination, knowledge management and documentation are all simplified and resolved through our methodology.

A Wide Range of Applications

This list of applications for Empowernomics is endless. Below is a list of some of the most common areas of application. If you have other areas of interest and would like to know whether we can help, please contact us.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Merges and Acquisitions
  • Process Management
  • Product Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Acceleration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Human Resources
  • Building a Learning Organization
  • Learning and Training
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Re-engineering
  • Education and Training
  • Culture Transformation

How to Get Started

Contact us through the form here or call today.

We will ask some general questions to get a profile of your firm, to set targets, and to start planning who would be involved with the Diagnostic. Usually Clients are ready to begin with the Diagnostic immediately, and from there we both assess what the best approach moving forward would be.

It’s possible to get dramatic results in just one quarter! There is no reason to wait.

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