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Empowernomics Transformation

Empowernomics involves a business transformation process to enable organizations to be more inspired, agile, energized, collaborative, innovative and intelligent. The key to our approach is to facilitate business transformation while solving critical real problems.
In order to get started with Empowernomics:
You can opt to…
Identify key dysfunctions, hidden costs and untapped potential of your organization by performing the Empowernomics Diagnostic, or
Take the most critical business problem or challenge of your organization in order to perform the Business Emergency Room,
We develop a High Impact Strategy and divide the strategy in Key Strategic Projects.
Next we use our proprietary methodology EmpowerTeams to implement the Key Strategic Projects.

Empowernomics Transformation Process seeks to lay the groundwork for achieving organizational change and improvement in the performance of the organization while solving critical business problems.

Key Differentiators

1. The Empowernomics Transformation Process has been designed as a collaborative engagement that takes place in order to leverage the capabilities and the collective intelligence of the organization.
2. The Empowernomics Diagnostic. Our cutting edge proprietary diagnostic can unveil key dysfunctions and hidden cost in matter of days (compared to month long processes of traditional consulting).
3. Facilitation engagement. Our engagement is based on a facilitation process which seeks to enable members of the organization to develop and implement the necessary solution according with the transformation objectives. is based on facilitating business transformation by solving real problems. In this way the ROI for your company is guaranteed. In other words, people is the cause of the dysfunctions and the solution to them as well.
4. Digital Technology. All our intervention is powered by digital collaborative tools that accelerate communication, coordination, decision making processes and implementation of projects. Working with remote teams is a no-brainer process with Empowernomics.

Business Emergency Room

Solving the Critical Business Problem of Your Organization

Almost every business will encounter critical challenges over a lifetime. These may range from radically cutting costs, increasing sales, expanding globally, or developing new products and increasing innovation to facing growing competition or legal issues.
Once these challenges reach critical status, they require speed and creativity to face. Fortunately, we can help companies respond quickly and innovatively in a way that cuts response time down from 12 to 18 months to only 40 days!

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Empowernomics Diagnostic

The Empowernomics Diagnostic seeks to generate an inventory of dysfunctions and untapped potential throughout the organization and an evaluation of their financial consequences.
Our proprietary methodology allows us to obtain amazing results as we:
  • Utilize a confidential and anonymous approach.
  • Utilize digital technology to harvest data in matter of hours compared to months in traditional consulting processes.
  • Take only couple of hours of the people participating in the diagnostic.
  • Focus on dysfunctions that generate an enormous amount of “hidden-cost” and “hidden-performance” with a huge economic impact for the organization.
The Empowernomics Diagnostic can provide a very precise estimate of the economic impact of the existing dysfunctions and the impact of the Empowernomics transformation process.


EmpowerLabs has developed the most powerful team transformation process to energize and leverage team performance and productivity with the power of collective intelligence and collaboration.
The EmpowerTeams is a comprehensive process designed to change the way people think, move and work in today’s business environment. Business teams are taken to the next level of knowledge transfer, competency and collaboration in just 16 hours!
After the initial training along with our coaching and support, your business teams are driven to achieve extraordinary results and deliverables in just 6 weeks (40 days) From the very beginning, then can jump start projects and watch them develop at an amazing speed, all with the power of collaboration.
Team members and leaders build the skills that they will apply immediately in the business, while tackling realistic projects.

Benefits of EmpowerTeams

With the EmpowerTeams, your team will learn strategies and tactics that really matter right now for your business. Watch how:
  • Projects are propelled forward.
  • Interruptions are reduced by half.
  • Email use is reduced by at least 70% (+2 hours productive work a day).
  • Internet technologies boost productivity.
  • The unveiled knowledge and expertise of your human capital is activated and deposited into your Intellibanks.
Our company has both the technical and human know-how to empower individuals, teams and organizations to break the digital mind gap and work collaboratively toward a shared goal.

EmpowerTeams is Simple Powerful Solution

EmpowerTeams offers a simple, direct solution.
  • We take a team that is facing a critical problem and challenge the team to solve it inan unreasonable amount of time: 40 days or less.
  • We transform the team culture and its members so they become 100% accountable, highly productive, and impeccable in making and meeting agreements needed for finding solutions. No more excuses.
  • Our teams learn a very important principle, through experience, not through lectures: If you are truly committed, you will not fail.
  • Our teams are committed to empowering each other to succeed, to meeting commitments, and to sharing knowledge.

Every Plane Has Two Wings

  • Balanced solutions that can break through the sound barrier of “it can’t be done” are solutions that have equal amounts of two ingredients: Human and Technological.
  • The human ingredient in EmpowerTeams is the transformation of the teams into empowered teams.
  • The technological ingredient is a unique, tailored, collaborative technology that supports team intelligence. This technology increases productivity and spreads knowledge through the team. We use our own technology, and can also work with the collaborative technology of others.

Why Do We Succeed Where Others have Failed?

“Nothing happens without personal transformation” – Deming

The EmpowerTeams® process is powerful because there is both personal transformation and team transformation. When we have a critical problem, we have the motivation to move forward beyond personal interests. The more critical the problem, the easier it is to make the solution happen.

Through goal setting and non-negotiable outcomes, the team itself delivers the solution, under our guidance. Once people are impeccably committed, the technology (a collaborative engine) accelerates the results dramatically.

Our case studies speak for themselves. For one client, a re-engineering process used to take 18 months. Now, 10 projects can be worked on simultaneously, each taking only 6 months.


A Wide Range of Applications

This list of applications for Empowernomics is endless. Below is a list of some of the most common areas of application. If you have other areas of interest and would like to know whether we can help, please contact us.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Merges and Acquisitions
  • Process Management
  • Product Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Acceleration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Human Resources
  • Building a Learning Organization
  • Learning and Training
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Re-engineering
  • Education and Training
  • Culture Transformation